CQI and STEAM Survey

SRI Education, in partnership with the University of North Texas and in partnership with the Expanded Learning Division (EXLD) of the California Department of Education, conducts an annual survey of EXLD-funded afterschool programs and sites. We are using the annual survey to understand three things:

  1. How afterschool programs and sites enact continuous quality improvement (CQI) practices,
  2. The types of STEAM programming offered by afterschool programs and sites, and
  3. Whether and how CQI is used to improve STEAM programming.

The survey does NOT evaluate any individual, program, site, or even EXLD itself. The survey is entirely focused on describing current practices and better understanding ways afterschool sites can be better support in how they serve youth.

2022 Survey Results

The 2022 annual survey was administered from January 18 through February 26. In total, we received ~700 responses from ~200 afterschool sites. This is approximately ~4.5% of the total number of afterschool sites in California.

You can click here for a recorded presentation on the major themes from the 2022 survey. The presentation is approximately 30 minutes long. You can also click here to download the slides from the presentation.

A full copy of the survey results can be downloaded as a PDF.

2023 Survey In Progress

The 2023 annual survey launched on February 13. If you work at a California afterschool program or site funded by EXLD and would like to participate in the survey, please contact Bowyee Gong for more information.

Whom can I contact to learn more about the survey?

You can reach out to Andrea Beesley and Jared Boyce for any questions about the survey.